Ear Academy, Newburgh, Fife, KY14 6DP

Mixed Instrument Workshops 2012

@ The Steeple, Newburgh

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The kind folk at Newburgh 's Bear (Tues nights) & Falklands Stag (Wed nights) I'm sure will be happy to facilitate a virtual session for you. They'll be there in spirit, urging you on, & their music making will be there too – on MP3!

The folk workshops in this series may have this element within them. On this workshop though, you'll be sessioning from morning till – well, afternoon!

Session at Stag, Falkland

This environment is perfect for when you really don't know the tunes.

Session at The Bear Tavern, Newburgh

You'll get a chance to play in a full till session in a ‘controlled' environment. However fast session tunes are, you'll nearly always get everything 4 times. That's enough to work something simple out for the last rendition even at the speediest pace.

That could be a simple held note. At our virtual session, we can hear a set as often as we like, & stop it half way through to work out just what we could have played - even slow it down!! (without pitch change if we really want) … you'll learn valuable skills in vamping. Then you can go join the session for real the following week!

Don't worry if you're really green! We'll be gentle with you & boost your confidence even if getting your instrument out at the real thing is still a wee while away. Being able to contribute in a session is a huge leap forward. It doesn't matter how simple your lines / chords are. By osmosis and absorbing the music & enthusiasm of musicians around you, you'll be one of them in no time.

This Workshop is new to many of the booking forms in circulation. Please just amend the form if booking onto this workshop.

The Bear Tavern

mob: 07970 744986
landline: 01337 842434

Weavers Hall, Bank Close, Newburgh
KY14 6EG